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KMTT - the Torah Podcast

KMTT 5780 Starting Soon!!

Nov 5, 2019

The new season of the KMTT podcast - 1/2 hour a day of Torah - is starting up. Do you commute? Exercise? Eat? Use the time to listen to a 30 minute shiur. Make sure you are subscribed! And start listening! (official start: November 11)

On your smartphone: Using a podcast program, or iTunes, or Spotify, subscribe to KMTT.

Search for "KMTT". If your program does not find KMTT, do a manual add (might be called "RSS"). Enter the address of the RSS feed:

On a computer: Go to

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Monday R. Jonathan Ziring - The Halakhic Process

Tuesday R. Tzvi Kaye - Aseret HaDibbrot

Wednesday R. Binyamin Tabory - Understanding Minhagim

Thursday R. Dovid Gottleib - Positive Mitzvot of Shabbat