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KMTT - the Torah Podcast

Nov 24, 2022

Rabbenu Yonah's Four Kitot 5: Last Discussion of Moshav Leitzim, by Rav Gidon Rothstein

Closing up our analysis of leitzim, with a few examples of how responsa brought up the concern.

Nov 24, 2022

Toldot | Why "Beersheva"? by Rav Yitzchak Etshalom

What does "Beersheva" mean? Well of an oath? (If so, which oath) Well of the seven? (seven of what?)  Seventh well?

We first encounter the town of Beersheva in the stories of Avraham; he is in that area when Hagar is exiled from his encampment, and then again when...

Nov 17, 2022

A Conversation About Covenants | Rabbi Gavriel Rosen featuring Rabbi Lord Sacks zt"l,  special commemorative marking Rav Sacks's second yahrzeit

Nov 17, 2022

Rabbenu Yonah's Four Kitot 4: Moshav Leitzim in Avot and Shulchan Arukh, by Rav Gidon Rothstein

A further way to understand leitzim in general, from Pirkei Avot and the Shulchan Arukh.

Nov 17, 2022

Chayei Sara | What's The Matter With Canaanite Girls? by Rav Yitzchak Etshalom

When Avraham's days are nigh, he summons his chief slave and administers an oath that he not take a Canaanite girl as a wife for Yitzhak - "from the Canaanites among whom I reside". This motif reappears - perhaps - when Esav marries two...