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KMTT - the Torah Podcast

Jun 30, 2015

Topics in Practical Halakha #22, The 9th Day of Av, by Rav Mordechai Friedman

Jun 29, 2015

Parshat Balak, Bilam and Balak, written by Rav Ezra Bick

Jun 28, 2015

The Weekly Mitzva Parshat Balak, by Rav Yair Kahn

"They wanted to establish the Balak section in kri’at shema (Berachot 12b)

We will deal with meaning of this request and with the significance of reciting krita shema both in the morning and the evening


Jun 24, 2015

Parshat Chukat, The Emergence of the Second Generation, written by Rav Yair Kahn

The Torah presents strikingly and surprisingly parallel descriptions of the generation of Israelites that merited to enter the land of Israel and their parents - the generation that was fated to die in the wilderness. What is the meaning of...

Jun 24, 2015

The Weekly Mitzva - Chukat,  Spoils of War, by Rav Yair Kahn

Chazal derive that spoils of war belong to the victor, from the war against Sichon. We will discuss the nature and paramaters of this unique law.