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KMTT - the Torah Podcast

Jan 25, 2024

Tu Bishvat | Choni, the Carob and the Dream, by Rav Yitzchak Etshalom

How are the Choni legends - the long slumber, the carob tree and the rain-circle - related to each other? 

In honor of Tu biSh'vat, we explored the story of Honi HaMa'gil (or Hame'agel) and the various Aggadot associated with him, in the scholion of...

Dec 13, 2023

Chanuka | On the Desecration of the Temple by the Greeks, by Rav Moshe Taragin

Shiur given to Bnei Chul alumni during a special Chanuka Day of Learning, Wed Dec 13, 2023, the sixth day of Chanuka.

Source sheet...

Dec 7, 2023

Chanuka | Ner Chanuka and the Enumeration of the 613 Mitzvot, by Rav Yitzchak Etshalom

How did the Geonim justify including the Mitzva of Ner Chanuka in their enumeration of the 613 Mitzvot? 

Following the famous homily of R. Samlai (BT Makkot 23b) that Moshe received and conveyed 613 Mitzvot, interest was only...

Dec 6, 2023

Chanuka | Lighting up the Night, by Rav Dovid Gottlieb

Shiur given at Kehillat Haela, Ramat Beit Shemesh on November 29, 2023

Oct 2, 2023

Why is Sukkot the Holiday of Achdut?

by Rav Dovid Gottlieb