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KMTT - the Torah Podcast

Oct 28, 2023

Lekh Lekha | The Land that I Will Show You, by Rav Yitzchak Etshalom

How was Avraham supposed to understand the directive to go to the "land that I will show you"? 

When God commanded Avraham to leave his family and all that he knew, He directed him to go to "The Land that I will show you"; but how was Avraham to know...

Oct 25, 2023

"Korim Li Am Yisrael": The Unprecedented Achdus Sweeping the Jewish World, by Rav Dovid Gottlieb

Delivered as part of a "Night of Chizuk" in Beit Shemesh

Many thanks to R Rosner for hosting (Nofei HaShemesh) and to R Goldberg and R Gibber for joining us from Boca Raton. Thanks as well to Kehilat Eretz Chemdah in...

Oct 25, 2023

Chizzuk for our Current Situation, "We are in a new world."  Sicha with our Overseas Talmidim, October 15th, 2023 by Rabbi Leo Dee, whose wife and two daughters HY"D were murdered by Palestinian terrorists in April.

Oct 25, 2023

Ramban On The Torah | 17 | Lekh Lekha, by Rav Eli Weber

Oct 22, 2023

During these challenging and uncertain times, a short inspirational lesson followed by the recitation of tehillim. 

We thank the OU for including our Rosh Yeshiva, Harav Mosheh Lichtenstein, in their Daily Tehillim and Chizuk Call; to join the daily call, click here...