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KMTT - the Torah Podcast

Oct 25, 2015

Parshat Vayera - The Way of God and the Way of Righteousness and Justice, written by Harav Yaakov Medan

How can examining the events of Sedom help us understand Avraham's complicated relationship with God's will on the one hand and the values of righteousness and justice on the other?

Oct 18, 2015

Parshat Lekh Lekha - Berit Bein HaBetarim: The Covenant between the Parts, shiur written by Harav Yaakov Medan

While the Covenant between the Parts is mostly remembered for God's promise that Avraham's descendants will become a great nation, it also promises that they will endure slavery and suffering in Egypt. What is...

Oct 14, 2015

Parshat Noach, Then I Shall Bring Upon the Nations a Clear Language, written by Harav Yaakov Medan

What is the connection between the colorful midrashim about the Tower of Bavel and various stories from other place in the Tanakh?

Oct 9, 2015

The Weekly Mitzva - VeZot HaBeracha, Torah Tziva Lanu Moshe, by Rav Yair Kahn

The shiur deals with the obligation to instill the significance and importance of Torah to young children

Oct 9, 2015

Parshat Haazinu, Shira, shiur written by Rav Ezra Bick


The song of Ha'azinu is unique for a variety of reasons - both in the context of the narrative of Sefer Devarim and compared to other examples of shira in the Torah. By analyzing the content and character of Ha'azinu, how can we come to understand the true purpose...