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KMTT - the Torah Podcast

Jan 31, 2006

Issues in Medieval Jewish Philosphy, by Rav Ezra Bick, Shiur #05

Jan 30, 2006

KMTT - Berachot Shiur #05, by Rav Yair Kahn


Jan 29, 2006

The first month of KMTT is finishing. According to the people who run the server on which it is hosted, the average listening audience is about 300. This is only an estimate - there is no way to know the exact number. But I will assume that it is more or less right. So - what does that mean? Basically, I am pleased....

Jan 27, 2006

Erev Shabbat program for parashat Va-eira, with Rav Ezra Bick; guest - Rav Ronnie Ziegler, Director of archives of the MeOzar HaRav Foundation, discusses recent publications of Rav Soloveitchik

Jan 26, 2006