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KMTT - the Torah Podcast

Jun 24, 2020

Special Shiur - Questions in Philosophy - Conversation with Rav Ezra Bick continues.

CONFRONTATIONS - A brand new series of conversations with Rav Ezra Bick

Judaism and Modernity: When they clash, how they clash and why they clash

Rav Bick returns for a new series of conversations with Gavriel Rosen. In this series we will be tackling the most challenging issues that a Jew faces when encountering modern western society.

Among the topics on the agenda for this first episode of CONFRONTATIONS: Individualism, Moral Relativism, Reductionism and much much more

Gavriel Rosen posed Gush talmidim's Machshava questions to Rav Bick in a live interview, June 23rd, 2020.