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KMTT - the Torah Podcast

May 18, 2016

The Legacy of Harav Aharon Lichtenstein zt"l, by Rav Ezra Bick. A memorial evening was held on May 15th 2016 at the Alei Tzion Synagogue in London. Opening remarks by Chief Rabbi and Har Etzion alumnus Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis. Additional remarks by alumni Rabbi Chaim Kanterovitz, Rabbi Daniel Roselaar, and Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon.

00:00 to 13:55 Chief Rabbi Mirvis

13:55 to 20:20 Rabbi Chaim Kanterovitz

20:20 to 64:30 Rav Ezra Bick

64:30 to end Rabbi Daniel Roselaar and Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon